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    Simone's Memory Revenge (iOS Game)

 Simone's Memory Revenge

 Price: $0.99
 Version: 1.1.1
 Genre: Puzzle/Memory

Game Description

Simone's Memory Revenge is a reimaging of a classic memory game. The beautiful star of the game, Simone, will create a complex color pattern sequence and it's up to you to memorize it and repeat the pattern.

Nothing annoys Simone more than people who can't remember what day of the week it is. So expect to to hear a few unkind words when you make a mistake. Of course things won't be that simple. When the game board has rotated itself upside down and the colors have disappeared, will you be able to remember the pattern? Don't let Simone become a distraction.

Who is Simone?

Simone is a sexy yet intelligent woman who demands the best out of her adversaries. She was a shy, quiet girl growing up who nobody cared to remember. Now that she has her own game, she is out to make sure everyone remembers her... starting with you!



One of the most beautiful, fully animated 3D characters available in the App Store
2 game modes
Auto save
High scores


Simone will enter in a color pattern sequence. The game board buttons will light up and the player must memorize the pattern. The player will then be prompted to press the buttons in the same order. The pattern increases by one every sequence that the player successfully completes. The player is allowed 3 mistakes, after that the game ends.

Advance game: The board rotates 90 degrees at the beginning of every sequence. At the end of the sequence the button colors disappear and the player must remember the buttons last position.

How the game is scored:

Points are awarded for each correct button press. To reward you for consecutively entering the correct pattern, your multiplier will increase, giving you more points per button press. However, once you make a mistake, your multiplier will return to one.