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    3D Pet Cubes (iOS Game)
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    Simone's Memory Revenge (iOS Game)

 3D Pet Cubes

 Price: $1.99
 Version: 1.0
 Genre: Simulation, Adventure

Game Description

3D Pet Cubes is a fun, unique and interactive pet simulation/adventure game for your iPhone and iPod Touch. Take care of these lovable and novel pets, by training, playing, cleaning and feeding them. You’ll be able to dress and take pictures of your pet then send those pictures as greeting cards to friends and family. In addition you’‘ll able to relax and play a simple game of fetch, enjoy a mini-game or take your pet on an adventure through mazes.



Full, real time 3D Pets and Environments
Multiple types of Pets to choose from including Dogs, Pigs, Penguins, Pandas and more.
Touch and play with your Pet
Interact by teaching your pet tricks
Dress up your Pet with a crown, top hat and many other decorative items.
Visit beautiful locations such as a waterfall or a palace and save pictures directly to your iPod/iPhone
Send Greeting-Cards such as Valentines cards or Birthday wishes straight from within the app.
Feed and clean your pet.
Play a game of fetch with your Pet
Adventure through complex mazes in search of rewards and treasure.